Areas of Expertise

The CDm2 LIGHTWORKS team and our manufacturers are experts in providing effective, exciting and sustainable lighting solutions to our specification, construction and end-user customers and their projects whether local or global.



Merging advanced lighting technology with the best in global product design to assist in the creation of professionally designed public, private and urban spaces, buildings, and interior and exterior environments.


Commercial & Industrial

Offering value driven, energy efficient, high performance interior and exterior illumination solutions for commercial properties, warehouses, business parks, manufacturing and industrial facilities.  


Controls & Systems Integration

Delivering truly integrated and user-friendly lighting control solutions to meet the requirements of any project from sensors, low voltage control and dimming to addressable digital control, diurnal and circadian systems.


Infrastructure & Transportation

Providing high value lighting solutions that meet the performance, reliability and operational requirements of healthcare facilities, airport, transit and port facilities, bridges, tunnels and roadways.               


Light Media

Integrating digital lighting and media technologies into light media solutions that engage, communicate, educate and entertain the viewer participant in any environment.


Museums & Attractions

Synthesizing lighting, thematic elements, light media and control strategies to engage, communicate, educate and entertain in museums and art galleries, science and discovery centres, exhibitions and attractions.                       


Office & Institutional

Delivering lighting solutions that help realize effective, comfortable and stimulating office and learning environments while meeting facility management requirements.


Retail & Hospitality

Using light and colour, decorative elements and light media in the creation of sophisticated and memorable customer experiences for retail stores, shopping centres, restaurants, bars, hotels, casinos and resorts.


Theatre & Entertainment

Providing world-class lighting equipment, specialty gear, dimming and control systems for theatres, schools, sports and entertainment venues, amusement parks and attractions, film and television studios.


Urban Environment

Applying advanced optic luminaires, low energy light sources, adaptive control integrated with architectural structures, site furniture and art elements to reveal and enliven the public realm while respecting the dark sky.