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a·light develops products based on two design principles: optical elegance and architectural integration. LED and fluorescent linear lighting products provide superior optics, exacting standards, unsurpassed quality and refined aesthetics. From simple “elements” individual lengths that make singular statements of form and light, to complex “integrations” solutions of precise row lengths, patterns and unique mountings, integrating luminaires seamlessly into the built environment through specifier collaboration, a·light provides a broad palette of options for our lighting specifiers and offers in-house, professional lighting design engineering project assistance to ensure product satisfaction.

a-light burrard station a-light peekaboo a-light Tsawwassen Terminal a-light Van Dusen Botanical Gardens0

Absolux products enhance commercial, institutional and residential spaces. With an avant-garde spirit at the core of its corporate philosophy, the company's talent for style, ambiance and emotion takes light fixtures beyond the realm of simple decorative objects. This innovative drive results in unique lighting concepts and fixtures. Absolux combines its own innovative ideas with those of its clients to create original and bold custom lighting designs. Absolux continually stretches design limits in their use of new and unconventional materials, always seeking to refine components. Traditional or trendy, all materials provide Absolux designers with an endless source of inspiration. Products from the standard collection are available in various combinations of colours, sizes and finishes available. Absolux will resize and adapt products to meet the designers project requirements.

RSM Cirrus-S Capri-S Telus
ALM Performance Technical Lighting

Often used in large public spaces, offices and hotels where a well-proportioned luminaire is needed to illuminate the space, ALM products have been used to create world class lighting solutions. In addition to the standard range, modified and custom solutions are available.

Inter-lux alm ring inter-lux alm puck inter-lux alm custom inter-lux alm ring led
Altman Lighting

Altman Lighting is a company with a proud tradition of innovation and quality. Founded by Charlie Altman in 1952, Altman has been the most recognized name in theatrical lights for decades. Altman was among the first companies to apply stage lighting technology to architectural lighting, and to implement LED sources into stage fixtures.  Aside from our standard-setting theatrical lighting products, we also offer energy saving and ultra-low maintenance LED solutions for auditoriums, churches, museums, and places of assembly. The versatile Chalice fixture, our unique Smart Track, the often-copied Micro Ellipse, the award-winning Phoenix LED Profile Spot; all are synonymous with Altman quality.

Altman Lighting Altman Lighting Altman Lighting Altman Lights

Ambiance Lighting Systems products are engineered to be high quality, easy to install, customizable lighting solutions, offered at affordable prices for professionals and consumers alike. Their systems come in a variety of styles, finishes and lamping options to achieve the accent or task lighting that is just right for your project.


Archilume produces high-design decorative LED luminaires for interiors. Headed by industrial designer Saleem Khattak, Archilume products are designed and manufactured in Vancouver, Canada. Inspired by minimalism, these luminaires celebrate light by expressing lighting optic principles as an integral part of their aesthetic.


Beghelli is a global leader in Emergency lighting; they are dedicated to manufacturing and distributing the most advanced, trusted and energy savings products available to the North American market.

Beghelli Luce

From the Italian word meaning ‘light’ comes the word “LUCE”. Beghelli Luce is founded on innovation, design and efficiency. Beghelli’s goal is discovering the ultimate balance between design and energy savings; taking the design element and aesthetically incorporating it into the commercial and industrial lighting fields.


As the world becomes smaller and global information networks proliferate at a dizzying pace, the ability of pictures to instantly transcend borders and cultures becomes ever more important. Brightline specializes in enhancing the presentation of visual images. A leading manufacturer of energy-efficient lighting systems for broadcast, videoconference, e-learning, and telemedicine, Brightline’s mission is to enable communication through clarity. By providing extremely high quality, cost effective, and environmentally responsible lighting solutions, Brightline helps its customers maximize the efficiencies of diverse technologies and thus realize the full potential of their own visual communications endeavors.

In conjunction with the vital commitment to ongoing product development, Brightline is similarly dedicated to continually evolving the highest standards of customer service. All designs are proofed with 3-D lighting software (AGI 32), and an integrated QC process used to verify lighting and control systems. Comprehensive on-call tech support can be supplemented with internal project management for complex jobs.


From high output examination lighting to luminaires for medical, cleanroom, food safe and vandal resistant applications, Certolux provides specification LED and fluorescent solutions for a wide range of demanding environments. Certolux is part of the Viscor line of brands. Viscor Inc. is a Canadian lighting manufacturer and metal fabricator dedicated to providing quality products and is committed to providing superior service and offer quick turn-around to meet your project needs. Learn more by visiting


French manufacturer of street furniture providing complete lines of products with a contemporary design of high quality. With bollards, barriers, benches, bins, ashtrays, planters and bicycle stands, Concepturbain offers elegant solutions for landscaping, public spaces or commercial centers.

With 33 years of experience as a street furniture designer and manufacturer, Concepturbain works cast iron, steel, aluminium and stainless steel in combination with wood, polyethylene or composite materials. Equipped with efficient industrial tools, Concepturbain strives to offer top-quality products providing the best response to environmental constraints. With its complete lines of contemporary design street furniture, Concepturbain offers technical responses for roads problems and elegant solutions for landscaping, public spaces or commercial centers. Attentive to the needs of local authorities, designers, architects and urban planners, Concepturbain draws on its long experience in urban planning to respond as flexibly as possible to made-to-measure projects.

Concepturbain Concepturbain Concepturbain Concepturbain

Design with Light. Create with Cooledge

Cooledge is leading provider of luminous surface solutions for the architectural design community.  Cooledge advances the art and science of illuminating architectural spaces with transformative technologies that fundamentally change the way light is integrated into the built environment. 

Cooledge’s evolving portfolio of award winning LED products are seamless, scalable, adaptable and integral to design -  ideally suited for a myriad of large luminous surface applications that have widely been adopted for retail, office, hospitality and entertainment projects around the world.  

With headquarters in Vancouver, Canada, Cooledge employs a passionate, highly experienced team of professionals dedicated to provide innovative lighting solutions to every project. Our products are supported through a premier network of professional lighting sales agencies and partners throughout North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Cree Canada

Cree Canada is committed to LED lighting for everyone–providing interior and exterior LED lighting solutions for commercial, industrial, architectural, parking, intelligent, and street lighting applications without compromise. That’s why we began the LED revolution and why we continue today, creating brilliantly efficient, radically simple, and exceptionally high-quality solutions that transform the way people experience light. Cree luminaires provide improved illumination performance, consume less energy, and require less maintenance than traditional lighting solutions. Why? Because we believe that better light changes everything. From classrooms to factory floors. That’s our mission: to better your results.

Cree Canada - Bronte20 LR Cree Canada - Yorkdale Cree Canada Headon-Forest Cree Canada - Alterna
ELEMENT by Tech Lighting

Tech Lighting originally introduced ELEMENT because we knew we could deliver a modern interpretation of specification-grade downlighting that is incredibly engineered and backed by the best service levels in the industry at an excellent value. Over the past few years, our success in achieving that vision must be attributed, in large part, to the design community that guides our development process every single day. The lighting industry will continue to experience rapid and significant change, and Tech Lighting engineers and designers continually seek to develop the truly game-changing ELEMENT products you will need to meet lighting challenges yet unknown.

Our goal is to design for you - to help you solve real recessed lighting challenges. In short, what matters to you also matters to us:

  • Above the Ceiling Matters: Our thoughtful engineering makes complex solutions elegantly simple, and we take great care to ensure every component and every connection are made at the highest quality, so you can rest assured even the things you can't see are exceptional.
  • At the Ceiling Matters: It is all in the details. A highly engineered housing deserves a premium trim. Every ELEMENT trim is die cast aluminum. No seams. No warping. No sagging.
  • Below the Ceiling Matters: Beautiful aesthetics cannot come at the expense of poor performance, so ELEMENT allows you to deliver beautiful light exactly where you need it. And after installation, we are committed to delivering the highest level of customer service and technical support in the industry to ensure you are completely satisfied.



The ENCELIUM® Energy Management System (EMS) from OSRAM was designed from the ground up as a software-based, integrated lighting control and energy management system that dynamically responds to the changing characteristics of a building by providing the right amount of light when and where required. The ENCELIUM software platform is a unique and integral part of the system, providing unprecedented control of a building’s lighting energy usage.

The ENCELIUM EMS is compatible with any third-party ballast or sensor. The system is easily scalable and can quickly accommodate additional luminaires or future upgrades to new, more efficient lighting technologies, such as LED fixtures and ballasts. 

Encelium Image Encelium Image Encelium Image Encelium Image

ERCO is a leading international specialist in architectural lighting using LED technology. The family business, founded in 1934, now operates with over 60 subsidiaries, branches and agencies all around the world. Working closely with architects, lighting designers and engineers, ERCO develops lighting tools for customized lighting solutions in architectural projects. ERCO understands light as the fourth dimension of architecture.

Century Link Pro Shop High Line McCaffery Fine Arts Novartis Office Basel

ETC is a global leader in the manufacture of lighting and rigging systems and equipment for the entertainment and architectural markets. Innovating for over 40 years, ETC products and services support venues both large and small around the globe such as theaters, performing arts centers, television and film studios, restaurants, schools, houses of worship, casinos, museums, theme parks, and opera houses.


Founded in 1987, Eureka is a North American leader in decorative lighting solutions manufacturing. We provide a wide range of flexible products designed to meet the needs of architects and designers to enhance contemporary working and living environments. Eureka has its head office in Montreal and conducts its business in all Canadian provinces and throughout the United States.

Eureka 4800 XX Lobby Eureka 4266 SNW Metro Eureka 4255 UCR WH CFR Eureka Plate
FC Lighting

FC Lighting manufactures architectural LED lighting for high-end aesthetic installations with an incomparable value for quality solutions. Solid State Luminaires excels at architectural linear LED lighting for both indoor and outdoor applications, offering the most powerful, efficient and versatile luminaire available today.

FC Lighting 1 FC Lighting 2 FC Lighting 3 FC Lighting 4

Filix is the source for exceptional white color and RGB color LED products and systems. The versatility of these robust luminaires is demonstrated by some exceptional projects from internationally renowned designers. 

Inter-lux Flex Inter-lux Flex Inter-lux Line Inter-lux Miljanic House
Fluxwerx Illumination

Fluxwerx creates innovative lighting products for the intersection of architectural environments and human experience.

Synthesizing industrial design, optical engineering and LED technology with an obsessive attention to detail, Fluxwerx luminaires deliver the optimal balance between energy, atmosphere and occupant.


Fluxwerx Illumination Fluxwerx Illumination Fluxwerx Illumination Fluxwerx Illumination
Functional Devices

Functional Devices, Inc. has been designing and manufacturing quality electronic devices in the United States of America since 1969. Our goal is to provide our customers with high quality products for the most reliable and economical solutions, along with world-class support from our sales and engineering experts. Current product offerings include relays, current sensors, power control, enclosures, power supplies, transformers, and accessories. Functional Devices has established itself as a leader in the HVAC, Building Controls, Energy Management, Energy Savings, Lighting Controls, and Wireless industries.

Functional Devices Image Functional Devices Image Functional Devices Image Functional Devices Image
GE Lighting

GE Lighting invents with the vigor of its founder Thomas Edison to develop energy-efficient solutions that change the way people light and control their world in commercial, industrial, municipal and residential settings.

With energy savings and environmental performance leading today's lighting charge, control means so much more than a simple “on” or “off.”  At GE, control means having the ability to light harvest, detect motion and provide the right amount of illumination where and when you need it, in the most efficient way. 

We invite you to take a closer look at our indoor lighting control solutions, including our innovative LightSweep™ Modular control systems and Aware™ Occupancy sensors.

For more information, visit

LightSweep Aware Sensors GE Lighting Application GE Lighting Application
id metalco

id metalco is the authorized US and Canadian partner for Metalco – internationally known for its production of high quality and high design site furnishings.  
id metalco offers more than 3,000 items, and has always been at the cutting edge with a range of products that continue to improve the quality of life in cities throughout the world.


iGuzzini North America offers indoor and outdoor architectural lighting that are available for commercial, institutional, urban and residential applications. By working with architects, engineers and designers, iGuzzini North America provides illumination solutions and technically advanced lighting systems.

Light is technology, but at the same time culture, thoughts, emotions.

iGuzzini was established in 1958 and produces today's indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures. It is the Italian leader in technical and architectural lighting and ranks amongst the leading companies in Europe. Since June 2008, iGuzzini, in conjunction with the owners of Sistemalux Group, has created iGuzzini Lighting North America. This new initiative is reflective of our desire to create a solid brand for iGuzzini in the Americas. With headquarters in Montreal and a new office and showroom in New York, iGuzzini Lighting North America is strongly positioned to become a solid market leader in the North American market.

isign laserblade wow ufo

Inter-lux has curated a collection of lighting products that represents the best in international design. Inter-lux is sensitive to the demands of the North American market. We know exactly how you need your product: on time, on budget, and backed by only the very best in pre and post order service.

Interlux - Miljanic House Interlux Schmitz Tool Pendant Interlux Steng Flying Candles Interlux Whitegoods Edgeless Cove

Isaac + Rae Lighting, located in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, is passionate about great design and performance.

We have a unique collection of LED sourced products, which we are proud to offer to the Canadian Design Community.

Learn more by visiting:

KKDC Lighting

KKDC is an established manufacturer of specialist LED lighting solutions for high end architectural markets worldwide. Research, development and manufacture facility is in Korea near Seoul, with product design and technical marketing services from KKDC Design House in London.


LBL Lighting offers captivating style and creative interpretations of the beautiful silhouettes which define today's contemporary and modern décor. They are avid explorers of new forms and seek out the latest styles in furniture and fashion to jewelry and art, while still ensuring we create designs that will stand the test of time.

LED Linear

LED Linear develops and manufactures high quality lighting systems based on LED for technically sophisticated interior and exterior lighting. Main products are scalable linear, including flexible and curvable LED lighting modules and systems with an ingress protection from IP00 to IP68. The German engineered product portfolio consists of various lighting systems, which have been nominated and granted prestigious international design awards. VarioLED™, Xoolum™, Xoolux™, Xoolight™ and TjAway™ are LEDLinear trademarks.

LED Linear lighting systems are used in applications, varying from mood lighting to general lighting in office spaces, from under cabinet lighting, to facade lighting up to 1000 meter heights. The use of high quality and long living components, provide energy saving and sustainable lighting solutions with an operating life of over 50,000 hrs. All the products are cETL approved to comply with certification approval standards. LED Linear products are lead free soldered and RoHS compliant.

Our products create a new dimension of light - a light without limits.

LED LInear Image LED LInear Image LED LInear Image LED LInear Image

With more than 30 years as a leader in energy efficient lighting controls, Legrand WattStopper is the most reliable name for quality products, application expertise, and project support in the industry.

Legrand WattStopper provides the widest array of lighting control solutions for new construction and retrofit opportunities in commercial, education, and hospital verticals to include indoor and outdoor solutions. 

Today, our products and solutions can help you achieve your energy management objectives now and well into the future. From intelligent distributed solutions like Digital Lighting Management to superior stand-alone occupancy and vacancy sensors, we have energy-efficient controls that continue to bring value to design professionals, contractors, and end users. 

When putting a stop to energy waste is your priority, partner with Legrand WattStopper.  


Lighting Services Inc (LSI)

Lighting Services Inc (LSI) is the premier manufacturer of Track, Accent, Display and LED Lighting Systems. Since 1958, LSI has been dedicated to designing, engineering, and manufacturing the highest quality lighting systems. Our reputation for creativity, innovative design, and leading technology, coupled with specification grade products and intelligent personalized service, has made us the manufacturer of choice among the most discriminating specifiers of lighting. It is the appreciation, respect, and continued support of our clients that we use to measure our success.

Our mission is to be the premier specialty lighting company by creating products that will not only fulfill our customers' needs but will also enrich and beautify our everyday lives. We will accomplish our mission through corporate-wide creativity, top-notch personnel and service, with outstanding leadership in design and engineering, combined with superior materials and manufacturing techniques.

LumeLEX2060 LumeLEX2045 LumeLEX2044 LP3

Lumato specializes in creating linear LED products designed to enhance the visual quality of architectural spaces. The company was founded on the belief that LED technology can and should lead to creating a product that fully recognizes and achieves the important balance between form and function.

Lumato Thumbnail 1 Lumato Thumbnail 2 Lumato Thumbnail 3 Lumato Thumbnail 4

Launched in the United Kingdom in 2008 as AlphaLED, Lumenalpha offers high-performance LED downlights and spotlights for retail, commercial and architectural applications, renowned for their performance and durability. Lumenalpha continues Lumenpulse’s reputation for versatility, ticking all boxes with a staggering variety of options. The product series offers a choice of outputs, color temperatures, color rendering options, decorative trims, beams, reflector types and more- giving you a crayon box of options to tackle any application with peace of mind. Lumenalpha joined the Lumenpulse Group in July 2014.


Having joined the Lumenpulse Group in 2015, Lumenarea, formerly known as SDL Lighting, now provides a varied portfolio of sustainable, high-performance LED luminaires for a wide range of outdoor architectural applications, including urban and area lighting and professional landscape lighting. Lumenarea is a perfect union of Lumenpulse’s innovative technology and strong industrial design with SDL Lighting’s outdoor lighting expertise and experience. Lumenarea offers customizable street and area luminaires as well as bollards, columns and a wide range of poles, arms and bases to complement all manners of outdoor applications and environments.


Founded in 2006 in Montreal, Canada, Lumenpulse designs, develops, manufactures and sells a wide range of high performance and sustainable specification-grade LED lighting solutions for commercial, institutional and urban environments. Lumenpulse products embody a design philosophy that respects the aims of lighting specifiers and the needs of the end-user. The company designs and manufactures its durable, high-performance fixtures in families to ensure that they are simple to specify and configure. Its luminaires offer a ‘crayon box of options’ – optics, colors, accessories and finishes – that allow designers to solve all types of lighting challenges from small office to large stadiums and resorts.


The Lumenpulse Group is the overarching group encompassing five brands, each one serving a sector of the architectural lighting industry: Lumenpulse, high-performance exterior and interior LED fixtures; Lumenalpha, indoor architectural downlight and track systems (formerly known as Projection Lighting-AlphaLED); Lumenarea, urban, pedestrian-scale, area and professional landscape lighting (formerly known as SDL Lighting); Exenia, high-performance indoor architectural fixtures and Fluxwerx, high-performance general and commercial LED lighting. The Lumenpulse Group designs, develops, manufactures and sell a wide range of high performance and sustainable specification-grade LED solutions for commercial, institutional and urban environments.


Some of the most fundamental changes in over a century are occurring within our industry, and many new opportunities are developing within the field of architectural lighting.

At LumenWerx, our primary goal going forward – as it has been over the last two decades – is to respond to these opportunities with the next generation of luminaries. This entirely new product line represents the latest in LED technology paired with cutting edge optics, electronics and thermal management and is available in recessed, surface and pendant mounted options.

LumenWerx is proud to have an incredibly motivated and hardworking team representing some of the most talented people in the industry. Each team member brings his or her unique strengths and abilities to LumenWerx, allowing the creation of a team unsurpassed in technical knowledge, engineering, design, sales and support.

We hope you'll allow us the opportunity to show you the incredible things that can happen when your design creativity meets the dedication and know-how of our team.

Lumid Lighting Tools

LUMID custom installations include traditional lighting, multi-media features, video-driven installations, fountains, sculptures and interactive architectural features.  The FIRELAB brand offers custom fireplaces and other fire features. Lumid designs and fabricates for hospitality, commercial, institutional and residential clients.  With an in-house R & D department, testing facility, certification lab and manufacturing plant, all of our luminaires and appliances and are made in North America and are UL, CSA or CE certified right in our own factory. Lumid quality is proven, having built over 10,000 luminaires in the past 20+ years for architects, interior designers, lighting designers, building owners and developers.

Morongo Sushi Sake Blue Chinook Revel Firepit

Luminis manufactures specification grade exterior and interior lighting products that are designed with careful attention to aesthetics, performance and durability while using energy efficient technologies.

Founded in 1983, Luminis is now a leading provider of architectural lighting products throughout North America.  Over the years, Luminis has participated in numerous projects and our design flexibility and manufacturing capabilities have enabled us to provide complex lighting products for projects throughout the world. We offer a wide range of interior and exterior LED/HID luminaires suitable for a variety of applications including offices, retail stores, schools, auditoriums, gymnasiums, parks, campuses, and urban/commercial developments.  

Pelican - Disraeli Bridge Maya - Community Maritime Park Prisma - The Enjoy Centre Eclipse W769 - Western Michigan University

Since ancient times, people have been in enthralled with Light.

LUXUNI is derived from the Latin “lux” (light) and the word “unique”. Our aim is to create and market exceptional and functionally designed luminaires. LUXUNI is dedicated to creating comfortable and beautiful ambiences through Light.

Learn more by visiting:

MOJO Illumination

Architectural LED Lighting Manufacturer focused on providing customizable product solutions tailored to your specifications and work space.  We specialize in medium to larger scale projects for indoor open area ambient environments such as offices, schools, commercial, retail and public spaces.


Creators of unique architectural exterior lighting and street furniture for projects all over the world; NERI makes available its knowhow and culture, working with architects, planners, landscape architects and lighting designers. Since 1962, Neri has been a symbol of excellence in high-end outdoor furniture and lighting systems in Italy and worldwide. NERI’s constant message continues to be stylistic innovation and technological research, in keeping with eco-friendliness and human sustainability. 


Neri - Daily Neri - Bridgeport Village Neri - Alkes Night View Neri Convertita1

Nyx Hemera Technologies develops and provides intelligent control system for road tunnel lighting. The system, called Tunnel Lighting Addressable Control System (TLACS), is tailored to the needs and requirements of road tunnel lighting control around the world.
Operators use the TLACS to dynamically control and monitor every luminaire individually, increase the number of lighting stage and reduce the over lighting, therefore save energy and extend the relamping cycles while meeting the tunnel safety regulations.
The solution continuously provides crucial information on luminaires’ status, lifetime and electrical parameters to create preventive maintenance programs. Operators can significantly decrease the number of terventions in the tunnel and substantially reduce overall operational costs.
The TLACS adapts to any road lighting (LED, HPS and fluorescent) in new or existing tunnel.


OSRAM Digital Lighting Systems offers the industry’s most innovative digital lighting solutions available today. From world-class digital lighting components to turnkey Light Management Systems OSRAM has the experience and proven results you need to be competitive and successful.


We Care About Light.

PURALUCE products are discreet, elegant, absolutely original with unique finishes.
Combining these features with modern LED technology we offer the best in state of the art Architectural lighting.

Learn more by visiting:


Established in 1927, the Ragni Group of companies has a successful and proud reputation for providing the highest quality luminaires in the world. Ragni Lighting’s superior service is anchored through cutting edge technology, design and innovation. As the coup de coeur in architectural lighting, Ragni is defined by its high quality products, exemplary designs, responsiveness and flexibility providing luminaires to customers worldwide. We pride ourselves on having a taste for innovation as well as a challenge for new ideas and lighting solutions for our customers. Through these principals we strive to meet our market’s lighting needs to provide a brighter tomorrow.


Light in new dimensions

Innovative quality luminaires that stand out due to their size, design and performance

Since SATTLER was founded in the late 50s by Hans Sattler, it has evolved from being an electrical installation business to an internationally active production company. Sattler offers an innovative portfolio of design luminaires with various application options. True to their motto "LIGHT IN NEW DIMENSIONS“, Sattler takes new avenues in production and continuously develops extraordinary luminaires and lighting solutions. Their products stand out dueto their size and striking design as well as their manufacturing quality.

SGM Lighting

Originally founded in 1975, SGM has over 40 years of experience producing lighting technology. Highly specialized in LED and IP65-rated lighting solutions, SGM has embarked on a journey to become the world’s leading manufacturer of LED lighting.

SGM stands for innovation and experimentation with emerging technologies, and boasts one of the most experienced R&D teams in the lighting business. With a constantly growing, highly qualified distributor network and branded subsidiaries around the world, SGM has established a strong global presence, while the company’s product innovations, such as the IP65-rated G-Spot and G-1 Beam LED moving heads, have truly revolutionized the lighting industry.


Sistemalux offers indoor and outdoor architectural lighting which is available for commercial, institutional, urban and residential applications. By working with architects, engineers and designers, Sistemalux provides illumination solutions and technically advanced lignting systems.

Since its entry into the North American market in 1984, Sistemalux has evolved into a well established brand. Renowned for its modular design and its uncompromised attention to details, Sistemalux has definitely made its mark as a leader in architectural lighting products. Sistemalux designs and manufactures architectural specification grade products which are distributed through lighting agents all over North America. Sistemalux offers indoor and outdoor luminaires which are available in a myriad of lamp choices for commercial, institutional, urban and residential applications. The design flexibility of the Sistemalux products allows the specifier to adapt the products to their project requirements.

Multiple Punto Slotsquare Boomerang

Pioneering lamps using LEDs built from pure gallium nitride substrates (GaN on GaN™), Soraa has made ordinary lighting extraordinarily brilliant and efficient. Soraa’s full spectrum GaN on GaN™ LED lamps have superior color rendering and beam characteristics compared to lamps using LEDs created from non-native substrates. Founded in 2008, Soraa is located in Fremont California, where it manufactures its GaN on GaN™ LEDs in the company’s state-of-the-art facility.

Stagecraft Industries Inc.

Stagecraft Industries Inc. is a leader in custom designed theatrical equipment, founded in a small scenery shop in Portland, Oregon during the 1920s.

Stagecraft’s Series 7 Company Switches are designed for the demands of professional entertainment spaces requiring flexibility, safety and dependable, continuous duty performance.  They provide power to portable dimming and sound equipment in both indoor and outdoor environments from community theaters to state-of-the-art auditoriums and sports stadiums.

Stagecraft UL1008 Emergency Lighting Transfer Cabinets have been proven in performance venues and are widely used in a variety of public buildings.  The ELTC delivers a range of options to the user: remote test stations, auxiliary sense feeds, zoned transfer, generator startup, test indicator and up to 96 two-pole circuits.

Stagecraft 100 amp Stagecraft 200 amp Stagecraft 400 amp Stagecraft ELTC

STARLITE LED is a manufacturer of high powered LED luminaires ranging from commercial and industrial general lighting to the horticultural market. Specializing in single source LED light engines that range from 100 watts to 2400 watt, STARLITE LED builds the world’s most powerful LED luminaires. Privately owned and operated in the Silicon Valley, an impressive roster of engineers and decades of corporate experience in the thermal industry, allows some of the world’s most cutting edge technology and affordability of LED luminaries to be sold on the market.

TECH Lighting

For over 25 years, Tech Lighting has been the industry leader in low-voltage lighting systems and contemporary decorative fixtures. Since inception, we have expanded well beyond our roots, and today our portfolio transcends specific aesthetic and categorical definitions – and instead is rooted in innovative, original design and uncompromising quality across a myriad of lighting solutions. In recent years, we have gained broad recognition on the architectural side of our business for balancing an absolute passion for every design detail with a deep concern for the way our fixtures illuminate a space; we never lose site of the individuals who actually use our products. We care about what they care about. Couple our focus on design and innovation with our rigorous testing & quality control as well as our unsurpassed level of customer service and technical assistance, and we hope our passionate commitment to you and all our industry partners is evident in everything we do. Our employees are at the heart of everything we do. Many have been here since the beginning when we were working out of a tiny facility and the only thing big was our dreams. Over the years, we have grown to over 300 dedicated team members who are committed to delivering our customers the very best products and service every day. All of our design and engineering takes place in our headquarters, just outside of Chicago. What many people don't realize, is that while we source glass from the best artisans from around the globe, nearly all of our assembly takes place in our local facility. Besides just working hard, we have fun. Through company-wide food-drives, toy-drives and donating our time outside of the office, we give back to the community and foster a sense of family within our organization.


Technilum® has a forty year track record in designing and manufacturing urban lighting furniture in aluminium. Technilum® offers Decorative lighting, Functional lighting, Architectural lighting and Custom Design.

Technilum® equips municipalities and aligns itself with the most prestigious projects thanks to its extensive range of products. The “weld-free” solution, a unique construction process developed at the creation of the company, still characterizes us today. Technilum® is accepted as the “specialist” in responding to market needs with products resolutely based on creation, innovation and design; Technilum® contributes to bringing out the true worth of urban and architectural heritage, making the most of each site’s features. Our products are made of quality materials and, using mainly aluminium, they are recyclable and thus sustainable. We are also committed to creativity. In this respect, we work like our counterparts in the fashion industry, with a focus on both off-the-shelf solutions and highly customized designs.

Technilum Place d'Armes Technilum Nice, Coulee Verte Technilum Musee d'Orsay Technilum Vancouver Mini Cooper Dealership

When color matters, Tivoli is the choice. Uniquely focused on ‘the right light’ – color temperature and output for low ambient cove and niche applications.

Tivoli is focused on low wattage, highly energy efficient, linear LED systems for accent cove and niche lighting applications. We specialize in small source applications that create the sparkle to delineate a project. Using our expertise with color mixing LEDs, we have created incandescent color equivalents and even improvements to incandescent.

Tivoli, LLC is the market leader in emerging LED linear lighting, and we offer a complete line of architectural, signage and auditorium linear LED based lighting systems. Our products are flexible, adaptable energy-saving LED-based linear lighting products for broad architectural / commercial applications, both indoor and out. Tivoli's architecturally significant designs have been providing visible delineation or concealed illumination effects for over forty-five years. Lighting is our business, color is our concern.

Dodger Stadium Basline Club Hugo Boss Kaufman Center Mandarin Lobby Las Vegas
TLS International

TLS International offers sustainable manufacturing ingenuity with our patented, cUL certified Tension LED System. Using columns of lightweight LED boards, this collapsible system provides uniform surface/backlighting that can cover any size/shape surface. By providing advanced capabilities in-house, we offer fully customizable turnkey solutions backed by the highest service standards. Indoors or outdoors, from lightboxes or wall mounts to freestanding displays; our patented TLS will render a uniformed diffusion light source to your choice of diffuser material.


FLEXIBILITY, SIMPLICITY & INNOVATION IN LIGHTING SOLUTIONS & SERVICES Traxon Technologies, an OSRAM business, together with its control brand, e:cue, is a global leader in solid state lighting and control systems providing complete, sustainable and intelligent lighting solutions. Working with our extensive partner network, Traxon and e:cue transform creative visions into unforgettable lighting experiences, elevating architectural, entertainment, hospitality, and retail environments around the world. Flexibility, simplicity, and innovation are our guiding principles. From software and product development, customization competence and cutting-edge integrated lighting and building material solutions, to worldwide project management, planning and support services, to our dynamic and global team of outstanding professionals, these values drive and shape us within our ever-evolving industry. Traxon and e:cue’s most popular products and solutions are covered under our five year warranty.

650 Fith BASF 23 cove Light AC HO Media Tube RGB ON

U Technology is a leading manufacturer of technology-driven, custom manufactured LED lighting solutions. Specializing in low-voltage LED flex tape, low profile and cabinet lighting, U Technology is proud to be at the forefront of technological innovation for both indoor and outdoor applications. U Technology is based in Calgary, delivering on the promise of quick ship and affordable residential and specification LED lighting.


v2 designs and manufactures modern, high performance, interior and exterior LED luminaires. Located in Silicon Valley, California, their innovative fixtures are built to order on site, with precision engineering and uncompromised quality.

v2 uses only the highest quality components such as Xicato LEDs with up to 98 CRI and 1×2 SDCM binning, machined aluminum housings and stainless steel hardware in all their products. Available in a multitude of sizes, features and finishes, their specification grade fixtures give architects and lighting designers millions of standard configuration choices. Modifications and customizations are their specialty.


Visioneering delivers state-of-the-art LED and fluorescent lighting for a wide range of applications including commercial, industrial and institutional applications. Visioneering is part of the Viscor line of brands. Viscor Inc. is a Canadian lighting manufacturer and metal fabricator dedicated to providing quality products and is committed to providing superior service and offer quick turn-around with 1 day, 3 day and 10 day delivery available on most items. Learn more by visiting


Whitegoods luminaires beautifully blend with adjoining surfaces to create the most integrated lighting schemes. The Whitegoods family allows the specifier to treat a complete installation with one unified style. The projects that have been developed from this simple approach are spectacular.

Whitegoods Interlux 60 linear Whitegoods Interlux edgeless cove Whitegoods Interlux floor ceiling wash Whitegoods Interlux p20 linear
_3G Lighting

3G LIGHTING is a family owned and operated architectural lighting manufacturer. We proudly design, manufacture and assemble all of our products in-house, here in North America. We deliver advanced, innovative and cutting-edge luminaires to all business verticals including commercial, corporate, hospitality, retail, and residential projects. Our dedicated design, engineering and manufacturing teams are integral to our success. We manufacture our products with a commitment to customer service and a sincere appreciation for the specifiers who believe in the products that we design, develop and deliver.

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