BC Place Stadium

Project Overview: 

The new BC Place Stadium is brought to life by a sophisticated LED lighting system supplied by CDm2 LIGHTWORKS. The new architectural LED lighting system envisioned by lighting designers C.M. KLING + ASSOCIATES provides dynamic energy to the stunning architecture of the new stadium designed by STANTEC. The LED lighting systems were engineered into the massive structure's electrical system by GENIVAR and installed by WESTERN PACIFIC ENTERPRISES. The colour changing LED systems that so dramatically illuminate the facade and roof were developed and manufactured by LUMENPULSE, a Canadian based global leader in architectural LED Lighting. 


Project Details: 

The lighting design utilized the full RGB spectrum of Lumenpulse’s products to create light shows for both home sports teams and signature looks for the building itself. Shows feature gradual-moving abstracted, color changing content on the façade with fixed roof colours. The lighting is focused in three key areas: the façade, the roof, and the support structures of masts and cables. Lumenfacade™ RGB luminaires were chosen to illuminate the façade comprised of 1700 ETFE panels. Light is picked up strongly by the ETFE material and presents color changing and chasing effects that are visible inside and outside the stadium. The 38,000 square meter roof is illuminated with Lumenbeam™ RGB projectors that are mounted on the ring beam and the 36 signature masts that support the roof.  To finish off the stunning design, 516 custom LED Beacons sit on the roof support cables creating a star-like effect. A Pharos controller is used to create shows that celebrate our sports teams and entertain the proud fans inside and outside the stadium.

Project Team: 
  • PAVCO, owner
  • C.M. Kling + Associates, lighting designer
  • Stantec Architecture, lead architect
  • Genivar, electrical engineers
  • Western Pacific Enterprises, electrical contractor
  • EOS Lightmedia, show programming
BC Place - Lightworks
Photo Credits: 

Photography by ED White, Videography by Brian Ceci

Areas of Expertise: